Book’s Talking

Reading history from fantasy books into literature fiction.

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Interaction in Own World

The lights shine bright above my head and I keep scrolling my eyes through the world I created. Its been a while since a place I join long ago decided to close their business. I’ve been dealing with them for only about 3 months but it felt my world looks brighter naturally before. Oh well […]

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Insommind : Boredom #2

1 : Hey 2 : Yep? 1 : Can you turn off the sound? 2 : Nope… 1 : But its 3.47 freakin a.m 2 : Yea… 1 : Geez, again? I tho we’ve done with this stay awake all nighty every once a week! 2 : Why you never enjoy this moment? I know […]

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Insommind : What If… #1

Have you ever wonder about ambition, passion, and achievement? Can you imagine if you still have tons of it and you realised how hard it is to achieve those things yet too little time you have as human being? Then you wonder more, what’s the purpose of existing? On this first episode of Insommind “talk”, […]

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Sea-rolling Street

A long straight street with so many bookshops along the pavement! And the sun is shining clearly with sounds of the sea as well as sparkling of blue water reflected on windows yet the weather is cold.

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I vaguely remembered that I’ve been here before, I think it was when my friend moved to this city and I accompanied her to look for an apartment, now I wonder where is my friend stay at the moment? My husband then meets with the owner, they are talking a little about the rent. He shows us to go upstairs and we will find 2 available rooms to choose.

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The New vs The Old

Have you ever feel being trapped of ideas in your parents house? Everything you did feel like it was your forever childhood, the memories running around effected your productivity on your current project. If you ever feel it, welcome to my rambling post for being trapped in my childhood neighborhood! 

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